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Paeds ST1 and ST3 Trainee Simulation Training 2022-2023


The London School of Paediatrics Simulation group set up a programme for ST3 trainees preparing them for their roles as middle-grade (registrar) doctors. This programme has been running for four years and received excellent feedback. This has now been expanded to include Full Immersion training for ST1 doctors, as well as paediatric nurses.

The simulation programme develops technical and non-technical skills that occur with insufficient frequency in the workplace. Full immersion simulation offers unique opportunities to become more comfortable managing acutely unwell children and further develop generic professional capabilities such as teamwork, leadership and organisational skills. Trainees also learn communication skills across a wide range challenging contexts including working in an effective multi-professional paediatric team, communicating with families and young people and dealing with ethical dilemmas. Patient safety and human factors training are embedded at the heart of paediatric simulation training.

The programme consists of three training streams: Full immersion – scenario based high fidelity training – one day course. Part-task/Communication training days – communication scenarios with actors role-playing parents, and part task (practical skills) training – one day course. The Full Immersion days are for ST1 and ST3 trainees as well as paediatric nurses, to give more ability to “suspend disbelief” and feel more reality for the paediatric multi-professional team. The Part-task/Communication days are for ST3 trainees

There are six training centres for these days:

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • Evelina Children’s Hospital / King’s College / Lewisham collaborative centre
  • Homerton Hospital / Barts and Royal London Hospital / Whipps Cross Hospital collaborative centre
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust / Royal Brompton Hospital collaborative centre
  • St. George’s Hospital
  • UCLH / Great Ormond Street Hospital / Royal Free Hospital/ Whittington Hospital collaborative centre

Additional Information

Attendees: Designed for ST3 and ST1 Paediatric Trainees and Paediatric Nurses. Eligibility criteria: For only North Central and East London Trainees. Costs: This course is free to attendees who meet the eligibility criteria.

Course Dates Fee(s)

13/06/2023 to 04/07/2023

Tuesday 13th June 2023 - Paeds ST3 Part-Task and Communication Skills - £0.00
Tuesday 4th July 2023 - Paeds ST1 - ST3 Full Immersion Simulation - £0.00

Course Director Course Convenor

Dr Hannah Jacob & Dr Christina Petropoulos

Tuesday 13th June 2023 - Paeds ST3 Part-Task and Communication Skills

Tuesday 4th July 2023 - Paeds ST1 - ST3 Full Immersion Simulation

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