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CNS Leadership Programme


This modular based leadership programme is dedicated to CNS’ and aims to promote leadership development and collaborative working across the healthcare system. It provides a progressive approach with flexibilities to support participants with novice to advanced leadership skills.


Module 1 - Developing self

This module helps the individuals to become familiar with different leadership concepts, develop and identify their own leadership style, then understand the difference between leadership and management before gaining an understanding on what makes a ‘successful’ leader. 

Suitable for anyone who is planning to step into management or those who might benefit from a structured refresher of leadership foundations.

Module 2 - Developing teams

Starts with how you work within a team, to recognise the facets of what makes an effectively ‘successful’ team before gaining an insight into trust building and how human factors affects teams

Suitable for: First-line leaders or anyone who has some previous management experience/knowledge and are keen to explore the fascinating potentials of how to best develop their current/future teams. Also suitable for delegates who attended Module 1

Module 3 - Change Management & System Leadership

Starts with understanding the differences between Quality Improvement (QI) and audit; then to exploring change management models and how to lead the change.

Suitable for: Senior leaders with previous management training/experience.  Also suitable for delegates who attended Modules 1&2.

Note: Delegates will be asked to bring a QI project to the session

Interested parties can choose to attend all three modules or any one or two module(s) which are best suited to their existing leadership skills & experience.


This programme also offers networking opportunities and facilitates community of practice.

Additional Information

Please provide your role, band, hospital, department and manager's email in the 'Additional Notes' Section, thank you.

Course Dates Fee(s)

01/09/2022 to 23/02/2023


Course Director Course Convenor

Cola Chen

Bernadette Ryan



Registered charity number 229771