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Effective Communication Skills for Support Workers - Online Course


The UCLH Clinical Education Team would like to invite all support workers working with cancer patients in cancer speciality departments to our exciting Effective Communication Skills Training Programme. The course is entirely free for UCLH, Barts, North Middlesex and BHRUT staff and is suitable for any support workers/health care assistant working regularly with patients diagnosed with cancer who would like to develop their communication skills.

This half-day online course has been designed and adapted to provide an environment in which to reflect upon your unique communication strengths and challenges, provide a safe space in which to practice communication with the support of trained facilitators and a small peer group and use the shared experience of the group and your own reflections to develop strategies for managing challenges in communication confidently and effectively.

Positive feedback from last year’s courses included the following comments:

Confidence building and improved communication

“I have left this training feeling empowered and confident in my future care of my patients. I am not afraid to speak the truth when conveying difficult messages”

“A very helpful course to pin point our strong points when communicating and what could be improved”

 “Thank you for the excellent training which I needed!”

“Very enjoyable and helpful course. Have definitely learnt many skills to help me improve my capability in my role”

“Very helpful and education study day! Well worth attending”

“I really enjoyed the course, very informative”


The role play/scenarios

“Very useful course, felt at ease with role-play, taken away lots of new learning points. Thank you”

“It was a wonderful session, its hard to do the role play but worth it. Thank you”

“This course was really great. Iv taken away a lot of learning points being able to act out scenarios was really eye opening. Excellent facilitators, thank you”



“Structure of course is perfect, creates a safe space with zero repercussions where you can try things out. Facilitators are very knowledgeable and confident in delivering and exploring that knowledge”

“Great course. Excellent trainers, very enjoyable”

“My facilitator Debbie was fantastic!!

“Very useful Shiela was fantastic. Thanks very much”

“Excellent style of facilitating and have learned a lot that I will take to my day to day practice as a clinician” “The facilitators were superb. “Everyone was excellent! Thanks to the amazing facilitators. All very professional and knowledgeable and helpful”


Group discussion

“Great, thank you. Was especially helpful to work with colleagues not in immediate department/site”

“Excellent course, generated honest discussion and thought provoking concepts applicable to clinical role”

“Attendee were very participatory and full of insight”

 “The small groups were a really nice size so that you could concentrate and feel safe”

Non-UCLH applications: As staff from other trusts are unable to provide an internal budget code a refundable security deposit of £50 must be paid to reserve a place on the course (refunds are initiated the day after the course).

Cancellation Policy

  1. A £50 security deposit is payable at the point of booking
  2.  £50 administration fee will apply for non-attendance or cancellation within 5 working days of the course
  3. This fee will be waived if a suitable substitute is nominated to attend on the specified date
  4. Fees will be taken from the security deposit
  5. Applications submitted without the security deposit will not be accepted

Additional Information

Please provide your role, band, department and manager's email in the 'Additional Notes' Section, thank you.

Course Dates Fee(s)

25/11/2021 to 25/11/2021

BHRUT, Barts or NMUH Staff - Thurs 25th November 2021 (Refundable security deposit) - £50.00

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