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Prechtl General Movement Assessment 2022


General movements are the most frequent motor pattern in the fetus and in the young infant. The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to Prechtl General Movement assessment in young infants. This new assessment method has shown its merit for the prenatal and postnatal evaluation of the integrity of the nervous system. Compelling evidence is now available that qualitative assessment of General Movements (GM) at a very early age is the best predictor for cerebral palsy. This method has become a potent supplement to the traditional kind of neurological examination.
Main topics of lectures, demonstration and exercises are the ontogeny of spontaneous motor activity; normal and abnormal GMs from birth to 20 weeks post term; practical advice for recording and assessment of GMs; GMs and follow up; individual developmental trajectories and their predictive power for later neurological impairments.
Participants will be required to undertake a final test in order to receive a certificate of reliability in this method of assessment.
A certificate of attendance will be available to all participants at the end of the course
Course Programme - Main Topics
• Development of GMs in the preterm and post-term period
• Clinical importance of studying GMs
• Main abnormal features of GMs
• Practical advice for The GMs neurological assessment
• GMs and cerebral palsy
Advanced Course
The advanced course is only for those who have already attended a basic GM Trust training course and passed its final test. Participants on the advanced course are invited to bring their own recordings and case studies for presentation and discussion.
Participants will be required to undertake a final test in order to receive a certificate of advanced reliability in this method of assessment.
Both courses fulfil the standards specified by the GM Trust (
Course details
Monday 25th -  Thursday 28th April 2022
Hotels and Transport not included in the course fee
Full attendance on all 4 days is required. Lectures will alternate with exercises in small groups with video presentations.
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25/04/2022 to 28/04/2022

Early Bird - Basic Course - £1000.00

Course Director Course Convenor

Professor Christa Einspieler

Dr Angela Huertas & Dr Betty Hutchon



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