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Practical Skills for Family Centred Developmental Care


Practical Skills is the second level in the Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) curriculum. It promotes

  • Learning through experience, bridging the gap between theory and practice to develop skilled practitioners.
  • Evaluation of infant and family centred neurodevelopmental care practices
  • Implementation of developmentally supportive strategies that improve the experience and outcomes of neonatal care for infant and family.

FINE is accredited by the RCN and is sponsored by Bliss.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for all neonatal health care professionals - nurses, doctors, therapists, and others, working in any setting that treats preterm or newborn infants in need of hospital care.  Prior attendance at a Level 1 Foundation Toolkit is required.

What is included in the course?

The course involves systematic observations of infants, guided interactions with colleagues and parents, structured evaluations of caregiving and reflective exercises with

  • Introductory study day
  • Course handbook and assignment workbook
  • Easy to follow weekly plans
  • Mentors with advanced training and practical experience
  • Reflective diary
  • Recommended reading and helpful tips
  • Final seminar and assessment exercise

Content is based on the core themes of relationship based and neuroprotective care:

  • Infant development
  • Behavioural observation
  • Parent participation
  • Reflective practice
  • Systems Change
The course lead Gillian Kennedy has requested that applicants complete an application form to see whether you are prepared  to attend the course. We have a vetting process in place in - if selected I will send you will receive payment information from myself.

Additional Information

Thank you for expressing your interest in the FINE Level 2 Practical Skills course on 18th February 2020.

Course Dates Fee(s)

07/07/2020 to 07/07/2020

Course fee - £750.00

Course Director Course Convenor

Gillian Kennedy

Course fee

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