The UCH Education Centre

Course Title

UCLH Basic Urodynamics Course


Learning Objectives
To understand why and when to perform urodynamic studies (UDS)
To understand the basic physiological principles behind UDS
To acquire knowledge of the techniques of none invasive, simple, video and ambulatory urodynamics
To acquire the ability to perform none invasive and simple UDS
To acquire the ability to interpret simple urodynamic traces and recognise and eliminate artefacts
To understand how to compose and interpret a urodynamic report
Target Audience
Trainees and Consultants in Urology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Continence advisors
General practitioners,
Members of the pharmaceutical industry
Specialist nurses
Staff Grades, Staff Doctors, Trust Doctors and Associate Specialists

Course Dates Fee(s)

08/05/2019 to 09/05/2019

Full course rate - £160.00

Course Director Course Convenor

Miss Tamsin Greenwell

uclh Institute



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