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Course Title

Train the Trainer (RCS Accredited)


Course Overview

This Multi-Disciplinary 2-day course is designed for individuals who desire more in-depth knowledge and skills in effectively incorporating simulation into all levels of health care education from undergraduate programs to staff development. The course covers simulation training especially centred on human factors simulation and Crisis Resource Management (CRM). It allows delegates to actively practice skills of facilitation, simulation preparation and running and debriefing, providing the knowledge and skill required to become facilitators in any simulation setting.

Who should Attend

The course is suitable for both new and experienced simulation trainers, Doctors(at core trainee level or above) and all healthcare professionals who wish to develop their training and facilitation skills further.

Learning strategies

The course blends didactic content with group discussion, learning activities, and hands-on practice facilitated by our expert healthcare simulation educators.


           By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify theories that provide a framework for the use of simulation as an education methodology.
  • Evaluate the use of medium-to-high fidelity manikins for teaching
  • Construct a 5-minute simulation scenario including objectives, roles, equipment and scenario flow.
  • Operate a high-fidelity mannequin, adjusting parameters to reflect scenario script and participant actions.
  • Facilitate a simulation utilising high-fidelity mannequin.
  • Identify and demonstrate elements of an effective debrief.
  • Have a clear understanding of Human FactoSystems.
  • Understand the principles of CRM and how to teach them.

Faculty development programme

On completion of the two-day course, all delegates must undertake the faculty development programme, with a required attendance at 3 Full Immersion Simulation Days over a 12 month period, dates are provided below and more details will be provided during the course. The goal is to prepare leaders in simulation education for the challenges and opportunities involved in developing high-impact simulation programs.

Additional Information

To attend the course, a £150.00 deposit is required. This amount will be refunded 10-14 days after you have attended the course. We are unable to accept people onto the course without paying this deposit.If you fail to attend without providing at least 14 days notice, your deposit will not be refunded.

Course Dates Fee(s)

02/05/2018 to 27/05/2018

13th and 14th September 2018: (Medics Only) Waiting list only - £150.00
13th and 14th September 2018: (AHP/Nurses) Waiting list only - £150.00
15th and 16th November 2018: (UCLH - Medics Only) Waiting list only - £150.00
15th and 16th November 2018: (UCLH - AHP/Nurses) Waiting list only - £150.00
15th and 16th November 2018: (All other - External) Waiting list only - £460.00

Course Director Course Convenor

Dr Sarah Chieveley-Williams

Clinton John



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